Tunisia protest attack on Gaddafi

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Tunisia protest against the entry of Libyan troops in its territory in battles with insurgents, officials said. For its part, the official TV confirmed that troops of Muammar Gaddafi still control Dehiba border crossing on the border with Tunisia. Forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi took full control in the remote southeastern town of Kufra and purge him from the armed gangs, Reuters reported.


Again skirmishes along the border of Thailand and Cambodia

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Hours after the ceasefire was negotiated landmark Thailand and Cambodia, it was broken, AP reported. Cambodia Colonel EMS Saute confirmed that shootings are held around Ta Krabey temple, which is located in the disputed area. In recent armed clashes killed 15 people. Both sides have old territorial disputes.


A blast in a mosque in Iraq killed 19 people

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Nineteen people were killed and 33 persons were injured in an explosion in a Shiite mosque in the village-Ballad Ruz, northeast of Baghdad, says the online edition of News. Roo. Ballad-Ruz is situated in Diyala province. According to the representative of the security forces, terrorist suicide bomber blew up was people in the Shiite mosque.


Syria is preparing for a bloody Friday

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Anti-government activists in Syria called once "Day of Wrath", although protests have so far killed hundreds of people. Syrian activists call people to organize demonstrations after Friday prayers to express their solidarity with the southern city of Dara, who became the center of the protest movement in the country, reports BBC.


Gadhafi troops pump with viagra

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U.S. representative to the UN Susan Rice told the Security Council that loyal to Muammar Gaddafi's troops made more acts of sexual violence, and some of them used against impotence drug Viagra.


Tunisia push kadafistite

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Tunisian troops managed to prevail in battle with the forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who emerged on the border between the two countries, and pushed them from their territory. In fighting Tunisians and reported losses - some of them are killed and wounded, but no one knows what their exact number.


Sequence bloody Friday in Syria

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Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Syrian cities after Friday prayers, despite the large number of casualties in clashes with security forces in recent days. BBC reported that the opposition has organized its activities in the capital Damascus. On Facebook activists identified and this Friday for the "Day of Wrath" According to eyewitnesses, the center of riots Dara security forces again used tear gas and bullets against demonstrators fighting.


Germany escaped an attack by Al Qaeda

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Three people suspected of links with al-Qaeda have been arrested in Germany, reported BBC. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said the arrest was made by the German intelligence services with the assistance of "foreign partner organizations."


New skirmishes between Cambodia and Thailand

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The truce between Cambodia and Thailand was again disturbed by a 30-minute shootout in the border area in the Thai province of Surin, reported Monday. War on both sides confirmed the fighting. They have been going on the ninth day, until the dead are 16.


Taliban begin spring "cleaning"

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The Taliban announced that they begin spring offensive against Afghan and foreign troops, Reuters reported. Their warning comes a day after senior Western diplomats and Afghan officials said they expected the insurgents to intensify attacks across the country in late winter.


Tanks invaded Dara

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More than 15 tanks have entered the Syrian city of Dara, where are concentrated clashes between anti-government demonstrators and security forces. According to witnesses early this morning in the city is heard shooting. From dawn hear the shooting, which echoed the city and you do not know what happened, said one witness.


Bus stop - the three goals of Al Qaeda in Germany

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Three suspected members of Al Qaeda who were arrested yesterday in North Rhine-Westphalia, had planned to carry large bomb in Germany. This was announced at a press conference in Karlsruhe Deputy Federal Prosecutor Rainer Grizbaum and federal police chief Joerg Circus.


Gaddafi truce was rejected

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Libyan rebels rejected a proposal by Muammar Gaddafi for ceasefire and negotiations, AP. NATO also rejected the proposal. We need action, not words, told Reuters anonymous representative of NATO in Brussels. Qaddafi regime several times proclaimed a ceasefire and it is continued attacks against civilians and cities, he noted.


Gaddafi declares war on Italy

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The war will move to Italy, it wants Libyans and I can not impose ban, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Libyan state television. When NATO air strikes last night killed the youngest son of Moammar Gadhafi - Seif al-Arab "Between us and the war Italy was opened. My friend Silvio Berlusconi committed a crime by allowing the Italian bombing.

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